Waad Aloqaili Couture epitomizes timeless elegance, female empowerment and Saudi luxury. Operating under Creative Director and visionary Waad Aloqaili, the eponymous label produces bi-annual collections that transcend fashion; inspired by personal experience and the collective female journey, each design is testament to the co-founders' dedication to empowering women.

Founded in 2019 by sisters Waad and Ahlam Aloqaili, Waad Aloqaili Couture is the product of the sisters’ deeply held shared values and extraordinary talents. While Waad focuses primarily on creative vision, Ahlam serves as managerial partner and technical designer.

On the world stage

Waad Aloqaili Couture can be seen gracing the carpets of the world’s most prestigious events. Several distinguished, high-profile stars proudly showcased pieces from recent collections during the 2022 and 2023 Venice and Cannes Film Festivals, as well as Saudi Arabia's acclaimed Joy Awards.

These remarkable moments simultaneously cement Waad Aloqaili Couture as a front runner in dressing the world's most fashionable women while giving prominence to female empowerment on the world stage.

Design ethos

The color lavender is deeply rooted in Saudi society; from the arid landscapes at Al-Jouf colored with aromatic, wild lavender to the ceremonial carpets at state occasions, this intoxicating jewel hue has come to symbolize renewal, renaissance, and growth in Saudi culture. Likewise, at Waad Aloqaili, lavender is more than just a color; it is a symbol of Saudi elegance and luxury. This powerful yet demure shade weaves throughout each collection as the marker of the House’s deeply rooted mission to empower women. 

Just as color has the power to reshape emotions, design too plays a pivotal role in altering perceptions and inspiring new attitudes. This philosophy inspires The Crescent, the distinctive House curve that informs structural elements of the architecture of Waad Aloqaili boutiques and iconography. The curve is reminiscent of the shape of a petal, which is both formulaic and free-forming, unbound yet protective of its precious core. Much like a flower reaching full bloom, the House operates with the intention to inspire self-transformation and celebrate inner strength.

Waad Aloqaili Blossom

The abstract flower logo, affectionately named Waad Aloqaili Blossom embodies the founders' vision with its intricate interplay of W and O (Waad, AlOqaili). Like a flower steadily unfurling its petals, the logo symbolizes transformation and personal growth. It strikes a delicate balance between strength and beauty and reflects the House’s commitment to preserving the resilience and uniqueness of women.


Take in the artistry of Waad Aloqaili Couture at the exclusive atelier and Riyadh-based boutique, a luxurious sanctuary in the beating heart of the city. For inquiries and appointments, please explore the Contact Us section.

Impact & social responsibility

At Waad Aloqaili, sustainability is not just a concept; the House works hard to minimize its impact on the environment. Deeply ingrained in its culture, sustainability informs every creative and operational decision. The team meticulously selects materials and partners who share the same dedication to environmental and social responsibility.

This ensures that the House’s supply chain is not only sustainable but also supports fair labor practices and minimizes harm to the planet. The Waad Aloqaili team is acutely aware of the evolving landscape of sustainability and is dedicated to learning and adapting as it strives to be at the forefront of positive change in the fashion industry.

Sustainability is not just a facet of the organisation; it is the very foundation of the House’s vision, compelling all staff to make more responsible choices at every turn.