Out of the Chrysalis

From the very first moments of meeting someone special, to the untold amazement you feel after a long wait; the marvelous feeling when you are at the pinnacle of happiness with butterflies fluttering in your stomach, when you are dazzled and experience the universe colored with clarity and harmony—we want to take you there.

Out of the Chrysalis: an exquisite new collection that empowers you to shine with lightness and grace, open to new possibilities. At Skytten Couture, this is what we call new energy.

Co-Creative Directors Ahlam and Waad Aloqaili looked to the turn of the Millennium for inspiration, opting for fluid fabrics and glistening adornment to evoke excitement and transformative energy.

Across the collection, georgette, tulle and satin form body-skimming and waisted cuts, with ruffles and feathers envisaging a butterfly fluttering its wings before its maiden flight.

A myriad of beads, sequins and crystals, which applied by hand, form delicate corollas or mimic the intricate scales of a butterfly’s incredible wings. As the wearer moves, the dress creates its own energy; the light dances and any nervousness or trepidation falls away. Everything is as it should be.

This is your moment. And the world awaits.