The third edition of the Saudi Cup

In the ateliers of Waad Aloqaili Couture, a gown has been exquisitely crafted, mirroring the cultural renaissance of Saudi Arabia. It tells the story of a nation on the verge of a flourishing new era. This piece is a modern ode to heritage, interpreted through the refined lens of haute couture. The delicate pink crepe fabric serves as a canvas, depicting the narrative of the altaifi flower, a token of Saudi Arabia's innate grace. This emblem springs to life in a three-dimensional floral sculpture, with handmade rose formations sweeping from the front to the back, capturing the essence of the flower and reflecting the nation's unfolding story. Accompanied by a matching glove, the gown boasts sophisticated details carefully placed folds and gentle wrinkles that elevate the texture of the rose, breathing life into the silhouette of the Taif rose.

Adorning the silhouette, a handmade headpiece of profound cultural resonance has been sculpted from the very baskets that once cradled the fragrant roses of Taif. These baskets, woven from the resilient palm fronds of the region's lush oases, have been repurposed with artful intent and grace. No longer simple carriers for the day's harvest, they now rest atop the head as a crown of heritage, marrying the luxury of haute couture with the ethos of sustainability. This accessory, reborn from authentic utility and reshaped by the passage of time, whispers tales of history with the elegance befitting the most illustrious events. Waad Aloqaili Couture, in its selection of these recycled elements, shines a light on a commitment to fashion that honors the environment. Each sparkling crystal and sequin adorning the piece is a celebration of artisanal dedication and a nod to the time-honored, eco-friendly practices of the land.